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Sometimes, even the most perfect house may simply not have enough space. Whether you’re looking to expand your hobbies or your family, a house addition might be the ideal solution.

At Handyman Solutions, we specialize in helping people from all walks of life enjoy the houses they deserve. We offer comprehensive renovation services, including room additions, for residents in and around Mid-MO.

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Add on to Your Existing House with Handyman Solutions

Many property owners begin with a small starter home, only to find out they need more space. Whether looking for a nursery or a guest bedroom, you deserve the best service available when expanding your home.

Our Handyman Solutions team has years of experience in all aspects of home remodeling. In addition to our home addition services, we offer full-service home renovation for everything from bathrooms to mudrooms. Simply put, we can help you build the house of your dreams.

Building a second story onto any existing home presents several logistical challenges. Only homes with structurally sound, well-maintained foundations qualify for a full additional story. Speak with our team of professionals to learn more about this aspect of living space additions.

Benefits of a Room Addition

Room additions do far more than just add more space. In addition to providing more room for families, guests, and stuff, room additions offer benefits like:

  • Improved comfort
  • More privacy in multiperson homes
  • Boosted home value
  • Additional storage
  • Opportunities for unique styling and construction
  • And more

Learn what a room addition can do for your home by consulting with our home addition contractors.

Common Types of Additions

If you need more room, you might wonder, “what kinds of renovations can I do?” While the purpose behind the room addition may vary, common themes exist. When it comes to home additions, Mid-MO residents frequently choose these common additions:

Family Room

Family rooms serve as living rooms, entertainment rooms, game rooms, and so much more. This all-purpose room can give your family a place to connect.


A popular home addition, a garage construction project gives you space for vehicles, hobbies, and home repair.


Adding a sunroom to your home provides additional opportunities to relax, grow a personal garden, and more.

Game Room

A popular choice among working adults and parents alike, a room for gaming gives property owners who work at home a way to separate work and play. These rooms also work well for family quality time.

Bedroom Addition

Construction of additional bedrooms tops the list as the most popular home addition project. If you need more rooms to host guests or let your children spread out, a room addition could be right for you.

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